War Eagle Texas Cherokee


Continuing the story of War Eagle from Ribbon of Time…

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“Every mile traveled, his ancestors walked with him. His past was always in his heart. At

trail’s end he finally found home, crossing over the river, into the Red River Valley of Texas.”

Tallahassee author Martha Lou Perritti has done it again. Delicately weaving her love of the

Cherokee and their tragic American history with a heartwarming and touching love story that is

sure to leave readers desiring more of her magical writing style. Her fifth novel about the

Cherokee, War Eagle is sure not to disappoint either ardent history lovers or the romantic in us


Following unforgettable characters through sixty years, Perritti retells the Cherokee story

through the eyes of her Cherokee heroines themselves, Sky Walker, Bright Flower, Eagle Boy

(War Eagle), Little Bear, Window Bird, Tamara and the great Cherokee Chief, Bowles.

Throughout the story of War Eagle and his friend Little Bear, Perritti poetically keeps the story

line of previous novels alive, the yearning love of a Cherokee boy and girl who are separated by

the Trail of Tears and the displacement of the Cherokee nation. Their love and memories are

kept alive through a fraying red ribbon that each keeps in the hope of finding each other again.

Perritti also records Native American history, embedding and recording historical events and

people that weave throughout her story.

War Eagle follows the story of a young Cherokee, his famous chief uncle, and the Cherokee

journey from their homeland in Tennessee, across the great river into Missouri, Texas, California

and ends in War Eagle’s beloved home, the Red River Valley of Texas.

Is it fate, or the ebbs and flows of life that a happenchance meeting determines our destiny?


Title: War Eagle Texas Cherokee

Publisher: Lifestyles Press

West Suffield, CT–Copyright 2015

306 pages, hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-58320-040-7